Frequently asked questions

Who can add an entry?

Every cattery or dog kennel which belongs to an association can add an entry on We reserve us the right to remove entries from dubious or nonserious associations or single persons.

How much is an entry on breedermap?

An entry on breedermap is absolutely free.

What do you do with the data?

We don't share your data or give the data to any other association, club or anything else. We only show your data on our website, but your email address will never be shown on the website to protect you from spam.

Why do I have to enter a phone number or a website?

Our visitors shall have the possibility to contact a breeder via phone number or via the website of a breeder.

Why are there ads on your website?

All cost which are caused from the website will be payed from the owner. To get a few of the cost back we will show only a little ads.

You can support us and our website, please contact us.

Who stands behind breedermap?

The team behind breedermap consists of a few breeders and private persons.

Breedermap was build as a bachelor exam with the target to build a breeder list with map, filter and search functions based on TYPO3.